When things start to line up…

Even successful people have periods where everything just seems to fall apart, or at the least ,they don’t go very smooth. The year of twenty-twenty one has been such a year for my small company and I.

Beauty is always just within your sight, you just need to see it with open eyes.

Today was a day, no, this past week has been a great week. Things started to turn toward the smooth track again. I have been behind the ball for seven months now.

Lots of complications could be called up for evidence of the struggles I have endured these past many months. Just know this, in the past twenty-five years I have never had such a trying time. So, with patience and endurance, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am starting to feel like the burdens that have been weighing me down, are starting to become lighter.

The past few days haven’t started with a sense of dread but with a small measure of hope and it feels good to have reached the beginning of the end.

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