Rain, Renew and Ruin

It rained this morning. I wasn’t aware it was forecasted but it was a nice well behaved rain, no wind or thunder. Just a nice renewing rain.

For where I live, this moisture is needed, it’s been very dry for about a month and a half. So we love to have a gentle rain that doesn’t sound like a freight-train charging through your home. That is usually the way we get moisture, a raging thunderstorm.

I have been following the news of the hurricane that hit our southern coastline this week. It is devastating to see, my heart goes out to those effected by it. I also know people who have survived these devastating storms, who live in those regions that understand their consequences.

I guess I am thinking both, how sad it is and how well prepared most residents are in these regions hit by these storms. Yet the news is all up in arms and tripping over themselves to cover the carnage. This is what makes me sick about the news media. Their selfish want and desire to have carnage to sell.

So, I will share a beautiful picture I took last year of this flower bed with due clinging to the petals. Enjoy the beauty around you today.

Thanks for reading!

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