Music in the Park

It’s a hot ninety-seven degrees, the sun is shinning and the wind is just enough to keep us cool with plenty of shade. The Lutheran Church supplied the lunch and the Methodist Church provided the Pie, a la mode. There are a lot of dedicated volunteers doing their part for their beloved community. It’s going to be a beautiful day listening to music with friends, strangers, young and old.

The opener is a band from a destination I have not yet ascertained, their name is Empty Pockets. The headliner is going to be the Talbots brothers, from Portland, Oregon.

Haigler, Nebraska is a town with a very small population, perhaps three to four-hundred individuals call this quiet hamlet home. It seems as if everyone has come out and brought a friend or two. I rode my Goldwing from my home town, I live about seventy miles from here but it’s a great day for the open road. I latched my folding chair onto the luggage rack and stuffed my cooler into the saddle bag, with an umbrella just for safe measures. You never can tell if a thunderstorm will come out of nowhere in our part of the world.

The Talbots Brothers are originally from Imperial, Nebraska, a small town north of here about thirty minutes drive. They are having a great success in the music industry, at least that is according to Rolling Stone Magazine. So they are the reason I came out on this hot sunny Sunday. I have been following their music career, having heard them in person for the first time, many years ago. Even then, I know they had a special talent.

Now it is 6:45 p.m. I just finished my ride home, it was a blistering ride. The thermometer, hadn’t given up it’s hold on the high temperature all afternoon. Luckily, about twenty-five miles out the clouds built up and a few sprinkling showers cooled it off to eighty-two degrees. It felt like heaven and made the last of my ride perfect.

Thanks for reading!

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