The Chaos Outside

A woman handing her baby over to soldiers teetering on a barbed-wire brick wall. One of the most desperate acts a mother anywhere in the world can sacrifice. It is all she has left, to save her child’s life from certain death at the hands of the Taliban. And the world outside just watches with helpless belief and dismay.

It is easy to turn a blind eye to the chaos going on all around us. In the USA the chaos is subdued, dream-like, politically unimaginable for some of us. The world is watching with trepidation as the US leadership sits by and focuses on such nonsensical issues as climate change. Climate change is an important issue. But why are they ignoring the immediate issues of human suffering and even all out carnage? It’s like watching them use a fly-shatter to stop a charging rhinoceros!

Just take Afghanistan alone, the complete and utter chaos there is abysmal and heartbreaking. These people are scattering for their lives with only one outlet, the US Government. The efforts put forth by the current administration is nothing short of criminal. The people fleeing Kabul are allies to our efforts to bring peace to their country, a country that has been torn apart by war and conflict for the better part of 50 years. Yet, all you or I can do is stare, dumbfounded at out news reports. The ultimate reality TV show, welcome to modern day entertainment. I am so disgusted and I feel so helpless.

The current state of Afghanistan, the Mexican boarder, China’s aggressive stature – poised to take back Taiwan. Let alone the maddening pace of free-for-all spending the US government has been doing.

Thanks for reading!

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