The start of a new day

My little bit of solitude.

For about an hour to start the day, I took a brisk walk through the my small hamlet I call home. It rained just before dawn to wet the neighborhood, it barely wetted the base of the rain gauge.

The birds are busy making nest and breakfasting before the heat of the day oppresses them into hiding. Everything looks fresh and new. I have a cup of hot espresso, a comfortable chair on my patio and deep in the thoughts of what lies before my busy day at work, just before the long three-day weekend ahead.

I write this in contemplation of the fact that I have all but stopped writing since the chaos of 2020, that started February before last. I will do my utmost to rectify this error in my poor behavior. I am doing my best to forgive myself! I hope you do too?

Thanks for reading!

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