I will live my life once again!

I set here thinking of our state of affairs, the condition that is our reality during these days of uncertainty. For uncertainty is a true classification in which we find ourselves living, some persons consciously and others passively. Yet regardless of our self-awareness or for others denial during these current times. We all have been altered by the faceless obstruction that has suddenly interfered with our happy paths we were once gliding upon. This pestilence has quietly but forcibly made its presence unavoidable on every level of society. Neither young, old, rich, or poor has escaped the influence of it. I grant you, we have all, to some degree, tried.

This sad thought has been a splinter in my mind these past nine months. Since I first felt the terror of the inescapable force that is Corona Virus Disease 2019 or Covid-19 as is the newest to our modern-day lexicon. The abbreviated nomenclature now synonymous with fear, sterility, disbelief, and anger, sometimes, all at once, has me boggled. As for my part in the fear of this beguiling specter, it was wholly financial, not a fear from a new foreign virus, it was the panic that kept people at home. It was the feeling of being, for the first time in my adult life – out of control of my own destiny! I have battled all kinds of demons, from personal to financial but I always could plan my way out of any sticky mess. This nemesis was beyond my reach, larger than even me and my own creative wits and it consumed my every thought. So now the worm that wakes my mind from deepest slumber, is Covid-19. It makes me second guess my every hour. Am I doing the right actions? Am I over-reacting? Will the world ever be the same as it once was just a short time ago? The largest and most powerful of all these fears is the unknown. That there is no timeline, no end date, all the talking heads on the news or in the realm of social media can ease society with a common answer. The saddest of the unknowns is that no one, in any authoritarian position, can make a definitive decision, its maddening! If I were a horse with a lame leg, I would beg someone to put out of my misery.

These are dark and desperate outcomes for a society that has conquered so much darker times than these. Yet here we are, no outcome plans, no definitive action list, just civilization groping at the madness for answers! Like a falling person reaching in vain for a lose end of a dangling rope as he plunges to his demise. Hopeless.

I for one, have had nearly enough, I feel it is time to abandon the feckless leadership of any governing party. It is hard to put your faith in morons anyway. When the new year arrives, I plan on leaving the supercilious in the rear-view mirror. I will not cower in fear, I will not abide by silly mandates or placate the panic masses any longer. I will start to live my life without irrational dictates, I will decide that I have had enough. I will move on. I will Live my life once again without restrictions. Who will join me?

Thanks for reading!

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