Nebraska Wine and Jazz Fest 2012









I have had a wonderful weekend with some of my best friends, spending time at the lake and then going to Kearney, Nebraska to enjoy Nebraska vinted labels at the Nebraska Wine and Jazz Fest 2012.

Nebraska is not a wine powerhouse, yet, but it is becoming a wonderful place to make sweet and semi-sweet wines the type that enables new wine drinkers to develop a “taste” for wine. The vintners are mostly enthusiast who had or made an opportunity to build a vineyard and start growing and vinting grapes into wine.  I have been sampling it for over 7 years now and the wine gets more mature and complex with each new harvest. Not all wineries have it quit figured out yet but some are having fantastic results, some dry reds are reminiscent of Beaujolais and some wonderful semi-sweet whites that shadow the buttery flavor of  California Chardonnay. When it come to dessert wines Nebraska has it in the bag, there are some real treats growing in the heart land if you are willing to give them a try.

So Happy weekend to you all.Nebraska Wine and Jazz Fest!

Thanks for reading!

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