It’s my birthday…

Yep another year older and wiser, but it doesn’t seem all that special as you get aging on and time flies by. you don’t get all the fan fair you once did when you were a kid and the excitement seems a bit lucid. Their are no presents, no big parties, a simple get together with the family seems to suffice for the occasion. Yet you would be an odd duck if in the back of your mind you are really hoping for a surprise party even if it is just a few very close friends drawing together to have a drink and a few laughs. After all, it does seem to make you feel as if someone was thinking about you, on “your” day, that in the smallest of measures you are recognized by your friends. The tragedy is that it is a Monday and no one feels like getting out on a Monday to spend money they may not have or it is just not on their mind to make it a special day. So I can’t really blame anyone for not going out of the way today heck I am no more motivated than they are about trying to get my friends together.


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