It has been a while since my last blog entry but I feel like I have something to say, maybe because I am having such a tumultuous period right now. I feel isolated too, maybe a bit lonely for companionship or could it just be melancholy, I am not for sure but It seems that I can’t get my life settled at this time. Lots of positive changes at work but change is never without discomfort and challenges but it seems for every good thing that comes my way it is shadowed by something else that brings a base of equilibrium to my life’s total equation, a yen and yang if you will. I guess this would be good but I would love to have a bit more “yang” or would it be “yen”. Well what ever, I would like to step forward without the inevitable step back every once in a while, it seems a fair thing to ask for wouldn’t you agree?

On to other thoughts, I was told a today by a dear close friend that the good Karma will come my way if I am patient, a comforting thought too but my desire to be an honest person with high integrity and my commitment to doing the right thing sometimes is just a slap in the face because I am not sure anyone ever really notices my good heart and nature. It begs the question “is anyone going to remember me for the things I have done for others?”. Why is it that we take for granted the good things that people do and make a huge stink about the bad things people do especially when it is the bad that we should be ignoring and rewarding the positive.

I guess I am just asking “does anyone ever realize the lengths that I go to to make other peoples lives more fulfilled and less stress free?” Do they really see the sincere pleasure I get from other peoples happiness and fulfillment? I would say I am just looking for an emotional boost to my current self-pitying slump I am in. Thanks for reading

2 thoughts on “Introspective.

  1. I think you answered your own question of anyone remembering you for the things you have done for others with the next sentence, people DO take others for granted (very unfortunate truth). I try not to take anyone for granted, we never know when we see/talk to them if we’ll see/talk to them again, it could be the last time.
    As for people seeing the lengths you go to to help them, or seeing the pleasure you get from helping them, maybe they do, they just aren’t letting you know they do…??? Just a thought.


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