Life and all it’s frustrations…

It’s funny that in life some things never really work out the way we think they should. Yet on other parts of our life there will be inevitable things that will happen which in hind-sight, and do to no part of our own. It just seem to work out to be the be best things that life has to offer without really trying or expecting them.

Then there is the part of our lives that we try to control and that seems to be the one point of contention which frustrates us to the point of misery. Everyone has a part of their life that makes them feel unfulfilled or sometimes unworthy of experiencing what they feel is a complete happiness.

I sometime wonder if it is myself who is getting in the way of my own fulfillment. Perhaps it is myself who even though I am trying my best to control an effort to improve a shortcoming of my own. It is me that keeps self-sabotaging the inevitable outcome. When I try to control a part of my life that I feel I can control, it is as if I know what is best for me so I put it in my mind that it will be as I will it to be. The downside is that it usually is a false sense of control because no matter how hard I try to handle the problem it is a destiny that is self fulfilling no matter how hard I try to manipulate it.

So what have I come to as a conclusion of this tangle of control and the path to true happiness… I have little power in it, I am just as lost as everyone else when it come to effecting the fate that life has in store for us. What will be will probably be and even tho we may do our best to handle life’s challenges we can only do what we feel is best at the time we make life’s choices and that is about all we can ask of ourselves. So if you are having a tough time just try to focus on the things that are right and accept that not everything works out perfect… That’s life!

Thanks for reading!

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