Home again

I had a wonderful time on my vacation with a friend, we went to Belize to relax, do some diving and enjoy life.
The high point was diving the great Blue Hole, a giant sink hole in the middle of a atoll 35 miles off the main land. It was a great technical dive and had a completely different sea scape in comparison to most reef dives but way worth the effort and money. The two other dives we went on that day really were the stand outs for the trip, great sea life and coral walls so vibrant and rich in coral formations, fish and “swim-throughs” you could almost feel like you were in a Jacques Cousteau Television special. No one can really describe how beautiful the undersea world is, you really just need to see it for yourself, it is truly an amazing hobby.
On the last few days in country we stayed at a resort called Belizean Shores, located four miles north of San Pedro on the island of Ambergris at the northern tip of the country. We had no plans during our stay here, we simply laid by the pool, took long naps and went for walks up and down the coast. By the end of our stay there we were so relaxed a surgeon might have diagnosed us as legally comatose!
On the last day of our vacation we went to Winter Park Co. to ski before returning to Nebraska and our normal routines, jobs and our good friends. We are so happy to live we’re we do and to have good jobs and great friends to add to the quality of life that we live.
I have been journaling since 2004 and on this vacation I wrote twenty-five pages to remember all the details of this fun trip, someday I should take these journals and write a book, someday, but I am sure no one would really find it as entertaining or interesting As I would but it would be fun to try someday.

One thought on “Home again

  1. Since this is a personal blog I will not add anything to it…I take away from it only a smile…for it truly was an awesome vacation! Thank you my brother for sharing this experience with me! RANDY


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