Warm fair wells to Belize and it people.

The last eight days have been so wonderful, the scuba, the boating, sailing and the people of this great nation, Belize.
We met some wonderful people and ate some great meals, seen some fantastic scenery too. The warm days resembled a tonic that could not be measured by dosage but absorbed through osmosis in unmeasured amounts and the stress melted away like a chunk of ice on a clear winter day.
When we first arrived we hit the agenda with the focus of seasoned athletes only to soon find that our stamina was weak in vigor and through necessity we learned to pace ourselves until we found our stride, this soon became a new religion of simple moments of solitude of mind. The type of solitude that can be shared if only among close friends who are on the same plain of mental awareness. Looking around you with clarity and awe at the wonder of scenic vistas that can only be described as breathtaking. Seeing the sun rise over a serene tropical ocean and the only sounds are that of the early morning birds and the lite sea breeze as it cleanses the land of the mortal spoil from the day before. Feeling the warm sensation of the golden orb as it breaks the plain of our grand satellite we call home and you can breath the salt air full and deep as it pulsates life and energy back into your waking vessel, these gifts are what make you feel really alive and we thank our creator for allowing us this grand opportunity of life.
Tomorrow we disembark from our temporary fantasy we have name vacation to plunge head first back into our mortal bonds of employment and toil but we do this with a welcome spirit because ours have been restored by the recent experiences. We took only images and left only footprints behind and the memories will last forever.

Thanks for reading!

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