“Just ride”

The rush of the mufflers throaty roar, the pull of G-forces that threatens to slide you off the back of the seat, your grip uncontrollably tightens around the handle bars, instantaneously the wind rushing past your face and adrenaline surges through your veins as the bike eats up a city block in what seems like a split second! That is why we ride motorcycles, after all it really serves no other function other than pure pleasure. The thrill of being at one with machine, nature and the open spaces of the road.
Yet there is more to it than the surge of energy, the excitement that rises from opening up the throttle of a motorcycle. It is the solitude you feel sitting on top of such a powerful and open mode of transportation, it is the freedom of feeling as thou you have morphed into a bird taking flight, it is the extreme sense of exposure to nature itself that reminds you that you are and have always been bound to it! A motorcycle gives you back you equilibrium and balances your soul! So I ride….

Thanks for reading!

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