In the scope of life…

There is nothing more than passion that drives us to greatness.

Passion is life’s fuel, propelling us to great achievements and personal reward. It is the one thing that many of us Homo sapiens overlook. That with hard work, focus and drive, we can attain wonderful achievements. Yet, It is the one thing that we place on the back burner of life, dare I say, to our own detriment.

Life has a value, the value we place on it, is the weight of our own enthusiasm. Like most things in life, enthusiasm takes a place of less importance than most all other listed items, those items important to us personally. Somehow we have accepted that society, has an effluence over our visual scope of our own lives, in the perspective of what is most important to us. Why is this?

This is the question most plaguing my intellect, not just recently but, well, always.

Yet, I too am weighted down by this audacious social construct. Is it that we are so weak in our own fortitude, that we so easily accept the supercilious follies of society in general?

I ask this. If my enthusiasm for drive and success is so disenchanting to society, why is it that enthusiasm is the one key to great successes of so many great minds and achievers over the millennia of history?

So, I set aside the limits of our current society. I say, “no, leave me to my passions, my enthusiasm and my own self worth.” The worth, not so much being financial, or of social status, but of my own personal achievements, of those, I will measure upon my own success in MY life, and not of any others.

Thanks for reading!

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