The Calm Before The Storm.

I am in retail. Retail is a way of life, not just a job. So every November and December, my attention is focused on being as successful as possible, this season is no different, even considering the virus issue.

Christmas is more than just a normal day at work, it is chaos! Lots of people coming and going. Special orders, deadlines to keep, promises made and more balls in the air than a person may count. But it is more fun than you will understand. The days off over the next 24 days can be counted with each eye ball. Those days will be spent working too, but not at the store. So when you have a day off, they are precious.

Today is my “day off” and I was going to chill, because… I had “nothing to do”.

So I spent most of my day working at the store, but it was a day of cleaning out some clutter that had become an eye-sore. The area of contention was the front counter. Sixteen years of status quo had turned into a treasure trove of stuff, stuffed everywhere.

When I say treasures, I am truly using this term as loose as a term can be abused. We have small baskets along our wrapping station to place items we used on a regular basis. Things like scissors, scotch tape, ribbons and other such items. It used to work really well. But squirreled away in every nook and cranny was every conceivable item of your imagination. (Please enter your guesses in the comments below.)

Well with some new shelving, some sorting and some wood-working projects. The front counter station had a much needed make-over today. Yes, it was my day off, but it was so rewarding to have this project completed.

Sometimes as a manager or owner, you just need to step into a day off with the right attitude. Don’t think of it as work but as trying to make your work environment more efficient and organized.

Now the calm, has pasted and I am looking forward to the store. Did I mention we will be one team member short?! :-/ All in the day, of a small business owner.

Just a random pic of a wreath.

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