Failure or success?!

I have been growing my hair out for over a year. The plan was to grow a pony-tail. This was something I have always wanted to do since I was a very small child in the mid-seventies.

I was frustrated with the hassle of getting my monthly trim, Covid, made it not fun. So… grow it out. YES! Grow your hair like a hippy! It’ll be cool!

After all, I have great hair, it’s brown with silver trimming in the temples and lots of silky smooth soft hair, When I wear it down, it will wave in the breeze and everyone will say envy, “look at the great head of hair”!

That was the plan, truth is, that crap was annoying! Always falling into my eyes, unruly, looked a mess all the time and as great of a head of hair as I have. I wasn’t enjoying it all all! So, I cut it off today! 😳

Thanks for reading!

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