All The Challenges, All The stress

It’s amazing how fragile we are as a species. I have been suffering from a misaligned vertebrae in my lower neck. The cause was sleeping hard and in laying my head in the wrong way.

So two visits to the chiropractor and lots of over the counter “pain killers” and I am still nearer to miserable that not. It makes doing anything, even the low impact work I do, nearly impossible. The first day I finally threw in the towel at 1pm, yesterday I worked but wasn’t very productive.

Which leads me to my last problem, getting caught up at work. This whole year has had one delaying effect after another and I am just so burnt-out that it is demoralizing and depressing. I really just want to get away. Get away to almost anywhere, as long as it doesn’t include work. I may have to call clients one at a time and beg for some relief, but then I feel weak and like a loser who can’t do his just.

It’s a pickle.

Needles’ Highway in Black Hills of South Dakota. 2020

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