A heart without a home.

It is hard to be a man and to be a romantic, I should say it is hard to be a man who is a romantic and not have a woman to share the connection of romance. I am one of those rare men who actually enjoys a great romantic story, love that conquers against all odds, love that transcends logical behavior, a love that defies reason and common sense. A story of love leveraged against hope.
So it’s a terrible shame that one who believes in love and romance, like myself, is hopelessly lost when it comes to being able to participate in this beautiful and emotionally charged activity. It is like being an artist without a brush and canvas or a amputee who can not run as he once did. To be emotionally chained, psychologically bound by past circumstances almost to the stage of being conquered, emotionally mute if you will, by the lack of self expression.
You see I love to romance a women, to buy her flowers or surprise her with a card, a simple love note on a piece of paper. I relish the night I take her out for dinner and wine, then just talk about what ever comes up. I love the look in a woman’s eyes after you give her a genuine complement and she’s shocked and then flattered by it… because it is true.
So from a distance I watch other couples as they interact, sharing special moments that I can only dream of. I read Nicholas Sparks books because they are both romantic and tragic, it gives me hope that I am not the only tragic love store. I watch movies because they take me to another dimension of reality so I can see what may have been in another life. I enjoy being in the romance business because if I can not find love then I can take part in helping others express it to each other and this simple assistance makes me happy but never fulfilled.
Someday, maybe, I can find a woman to whom I may shower her with romance but until then I will only dream.

Thanks for reading!

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