A New Year thought

We all face the New Year with thoughts of what may come, will it be filled with good things or scattered with little disasters? Can we set a goal and reach it triumphantly or will we fall back into the same old patterns that have brought us to where we are today? These questions and many more fill my mind every year and I like most people fail to make the changes needed to be followed through in order to have those premonitions come true. The New Year season has this effect introspective effect on almost all people, it gives us a place in time to ponder the “what if’s” of our lives, to make a justification for change if nothing else. So why is it so hard to step up to the challenge for positive change, why do we resist the corrections that we feel we must make to better the fulfilment of our lives?

My intelligence has taught me from reading and trying to understand this is that in order to make lasting change we must do a repetitive thing for at least twenty-eight times in a row in order to set it as a habit, this has been scientifically proven in several studies by universities. My problem is that I can rarely do anything of a sequence of twenty-eight days, my life is just too hectic – or is this just my lame excuse? The question them comes to me as “do I have the will-power to follow through with my New Years resolution?” and I fear that the answer is all to obvious… I doubt it.

The motivational “guru” Tony Robbins says that we all have the power to make lasting life altering changes if we focus on the good we will receive if we make positive changes to our lives and the bad that we already have if we do not alter our future behaviors. He makes these claims seem so easy yet in reality it is all to easy to blunder the techniques he ask us to follow. 

So in closing I will try to look to making the changes I need to in order to achieve the desired outcome in my life and I hope this little message finds you thinking about how you can alter yours too in order to make 2012 a better year than the last.

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