I really need to write more blog entries!

Last night I was “chatting” with a very dear old friend, we had lost contact for over thirty six years, and I told her she should read my blog. After sharing the address with her I decided to read it myself and was disappointed that it had been so long since I had last wrote anything here, so I will try to do better.
Although it is well into November I will go back to the summer to tell of my wonderful summer at the lake and concerts with friends.90AE596E-4989-4AD8-8C2F-A8F5862661B5
In January I purchased myself an older RV, the price was right and I was not sure I would enjoy it enough to justify paying too much for it if it sat parked without being used. After buying it, it sat behind my store sitting idle for three months and it was killing me! Well the warmer weather finally came in late April and I took it and my boat out to Red Willow Lake and rented a camp spot for the weekend! The managers asked if I liked it so well I should rent it for the rest of the year…. Let the fun begin!
Now my RV had a dime-permanent home and it was just 15 minutes from work and home, my boat also had a place to park there so all the toys were In place, all I needed to do was invite all the friends out to play with me and we did.
The typical week night went like this. I would text friends and they would let me know if they could come out to play. I would change into swim trunks and my saddles and get the boat uncovered and ready to launch into the lake they would meet me right on cue and we would have the boat on the water at 6:15pm. The beers would get passed around and I had only one rule for riding in the boat… Everyone gets wet now! We would soak up the Rays and cool off in the water for a while then it was time to ski, board or tube! After the sports activities we would soak up the last of the Rays before sundown, take some great snapshots of the sunset and load the boat and head to the camper for a fire, steaks or brats. Most would head home and I would climb in my camper go to bed and wake for breakfast. Shower dress for work and start another day! It was so much fun!

Thanks for reading!

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