Let me tell you about my weekend: Extraordinary experiences, ordinarily simple.

DSC_0760 Hanging Lake Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

The world, in the grand scale of it all, always seems to want us to think that life should be larger than it really is. That is to say as if we are living it too small. We all suffer from the illusion that in order for our lives to be more fulfilled we must experience it with the scope and grandeur of a cinematic production. Yet as I grow more experienced in my advancing days I am always surprised at just how wrong that assumption really is.

For me it does not take a huge amount of effort to see just how amazing life can be when you visualize it with eyes filled with wonderment. Take this weekend as an example. In a simplistic view I took a quick trip out to Colorado to visit one of my closest friends, nothing really extraordinary about that, if that is how I describe it. But when I look back at the past two days with the vision of amazement, then I had what can only be described as an amazing weekend with family and friends. I did things I had never done before and seen visions that take took my breath away. Now let me tell you about my weekend.


I made friends with complete strangers and laughed until I cried, I shared moments of profound enjoyment and laughed at my own misfortune. I overcome the hardships of getting older but relished in the triumph of never giving up until the task was experienced, not just achieved. I was filled with happiness at capturing a cutthroat trout underwater on video in crystal clear turquoise water off a small mountain lake and the smile on my best friends face while she stared in awe at the beautiful vistas that filled her view as far as her eyes could see. I shared a meal with someone who loves the simple pleasure of eating a meal made on a grand scale, a meal that made your whole body relish in the explosion of flavors that were vast and harmonious. I woke up in the comfort of my own bed with my mind filled with the simple joys of sharing time with people who love me and I am filled with a simple contentment. Now that is what we live life for, to live it large not by what we do but by how we see us living it. 


Thanks for reading!

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